The Brewery

We invite you to enjoy our house crafted brews accompanied with descriptive notes. While we strive to have all of these craft brews on tap, some may be unavailable at this time. Please feel free to ask your server for more information.

5th Anniversary Gose
To celebrate our 5th Anniversary we brewed our first sour, a Gose (pronounced goes-uh). This very old style of ale originates from Goslar, Germany and almost went extinct until its recent resurgence in the craft beer industry. Brewed with wheat, salt, and coriander, the Gose possess a distinct sourness created by a Lactobacillus culture used in fermentation. 4.4% ABV 17 IBU $4/snifter
Blue Heron Organic Cider
Our first batch of house cider is comprised of over 2 tons of Winesap, Red Delicious, Gold Delicious and Jonathan apples. All of the apples used in this cider come from Blue Heron Orchard, the only certified organic apple orchard in the state of Missouri. This cider displays some crisp, tart apple notes while finishing very dry with a hint of spiciness. 7.9% ABV $6/snifter
Backyard BBQPA
The idea behind this ale was to brew the perfect beer to drink at any BBQ. The body of this smooth amber ale is created by using a mix of cherrywood and beechwood smoked malts which come boldly through in the aroma and in the finish. Drink and enjoy knowing $2 of every pint sold goes to the Blues in the Schools program. 5.7% ABV 32 IBU $5/pint
Dog Days Brown
This is a one time specialty summer edition of our house Boone Dog Brown. We took the normal body of our brown and steeped herbs and teas in the boil, creating a flavor reminiscent of root beer. This infused ale proves to be a refreshing twist on an old favorite, perfect for the dog days of summer. 4.4% ABV 27 IBU $4/pint
Even though the straw color and conservative use of hops may make this beer seem like a lager it is actually an ale. Colder fermentation temperatures and conditioning lend to a clean body creating a crisp, refreshing finish perfect for warmer weather. 5.6% ABV 30 IBU $4/pint
Shortwave Stout
This brew is a collaboration with our friends and neighbors at Shortwave Coffee. It is also Columbia’s first all local coffee stout. The body of this beer is built using a specific mix of dark roasted malts to create a very black, yet mild body complemented by slight floral hop notes. After fermentation, 10 pounds of Shortwave’s Peruvian roast and a couple of gallons of concentrated cold brewed toddy are added, putting the true flavor of a perfectly roasted coffee bean in the spotlight. 4.5% ABV 42 IBU $4/pint
Squash Smash
This fall favorite requires a night of steaming, skinning, and smashing 100 pounds of local butternut squash. The roasted chocolaty flavor of this black ale is complemented by hints of cinnamon, brown sugar, and vanilla. 22 IBU $4/snifter
Eleven Point IPA
Named after one of Missouri’s most scenic rivers, this deep amber ale proves to be a refreshing new brew to our line-up. This easy drinking IPA’s caramel notes resonate well with the piney and floral hop aroma, smelling much like the pine trees and wildflowers you may find along the Eleven Point River. 5.6% ABV 68 IBU $4/pint
Strong Ale
In true English brewing tradition, this dark brown ale features a very malt forward, yet slightly sweet, body that finishes with notes of caramel and toffee. 7.0% ABV 50 IBU $4/snifter
Columbus Single Hop IPA
This IPA showcases all aspects of the Columbus hop strain, used in early and late boiling additions, as well as a hefty dry hop. The true flavor and aromatics of the Columbus hop strain shine through the pale malt body. 5.9% ABV 79 IBU $4/pint
Irish Stout
Dark in body, this dry stout has a strong roasted malt flavor, which is balanced by a smooth and creamy mouthfeel and a slightly sweet finish. 4.1% ABV 29 IBU $4/pint
Imperial Stout
Brewed once a year, this dark, viscous stout helps to cut through the bitter cold of winter. Generous additions of dark malts followed by bourbon oak aging gives way to the deep, rich flavor of this stout. Heavy notes of chocolate, toffee, and raisins make this beer a dessert all on its own. 9.5% ABV 60 IBU $6/snifter
Milk Stout
This semi-sweet ale is dark, slightly roasty, and creamy due to the lactose sugar added at the end of the boil, giving rise to its name. 4.5% ABV 65 IBU $4/pint
Cream Ale
This creamy, semi-sweet golden ale is a local favorite. Well-balanced and smooth with a medium malt body and a slight hop finish, it’s the perfect ale for any occasion. 5.6% ABV 22 IBU $4/pint
Cherry Saison
Saisons are a Belgian beer style historically brewed for farm laborers to drink as refreshment and nourishment during the grueling harvest season. The yeast strain, Saison du Pont, gives this ale a slight citrus flavor as well as a dry, spicy finish. The addition of 84 pounds of tart red cherries make this summer seasonal a favorite. 6.2% ABV 57 IBU $4/snifter
Jam Session IPA
This IPA, brewed annually since it first debuted in 2012, celebrates the Pedaler’s Jamboree. A small addition of oats to the mash helps bolster the body of this session ale, keeping it low in alcohol but still full flavored. The hops used produce a pleasant piney aroma and mango flavor. 4.0% ABV 52 IBU $4/pint
Organic Honey Wheat
Brewed with 36 pounds of local honey from Bonne Femme Honey Farm, this unfiltered ale is our first all organic offering. Subtle notes of herbs can be detected in the aroma of this beer due to the bees’ pollination of nearby herb gardens. 6.0% ABV 20 IBU $4/pint
Boone Dog Brown
The use of oats, brown, and chocolate malts contribute to the deep brown color and nutty flavor of this ale. Like most English style beers, it is lower in alcohol and finishes with a slight malty sweetness, which just might make it your new best friend. 4.0% ABV 27 IBU $4/pint
Wee Heavy
This light brown Scotch-style ale boasts a complex malt character, emphasizing on peated malt, which provides a smoky, earthy flavor unlike any other. 5.9% ABV 50 IBU $4/pint
Ours is a robust porter, meaning it has a higher ABV and a richer flavor than a typical porter. The malt bill consists of dark roasted grains which gives it a bitter dark chocolate and coffee flavor that cannot be found in most porters. 6.0% ABV 41 IBU $4/pint
APA (American Pale Ale)
Often times considered the beer that built our brewery, this medium-bodied copper colored ale touts a strong citrusy hop presence. The notes of grapefruit, lemon, and pine are balanced by a caramel sweetness that finishes dry and slightly bitter. 5.8% ABV 61 IBU $4/pint
Barley Wine 2011
This beer is part of our vintage line and is everything you want in a good barley wine. You will find notes of caramel, tofee, and raisins. Sweet and malty flavor. ABV 10% $6/snifter
Double Rye IPA
The double in this beer not only stands for the two mashes that make it twice as strong, but also for the two rounds of dry hopping it goes through. The addition of rye malt and flaked rye provide a subtle spiciness that melds well with the strong citrusy hop presence. It all results in a sturdy, ruby colored IPA that is not easily forgotten. 9.8% ABV 111 IBU $6/snifter
Blonde on Blonde
With nearly 20% of the malt bill consisting of Munich and Vienna malts the body of this blonde ale is bolder than most. However, Crystal and Kent Golding hops give a floral nose, balancing the body well. 5.2% ABV 33 IBU $4/pint
Black IPA
Unlike other IPA’s, this beer doesn’t simply display hops on the canvas of a pale body. Instead it proves that dark roasted malts can, and do, pair well with a heavy dry hop. Notes of coffee and chocolate are first to hit the palate followed by a strong, bitter, and aromatic hop finish. 5.7% ABV 90 IBU $4/pint