Beers On Tap

Our selection varies seasonly. Call to find out what’s on tap today.

Wee Heavy, 5.8% 50 IBU

On tap for the first time in over three years, this light brown Scotch-style ale boasts a complex malt character, emphasizing smooth caramel and a backend of mild smoke from the addition of peated malt.

APA, 5.8% 61 IBU

Often times considered the beer that built our brewery, this medium-bodied copper colored ale touts a strong citrusy hop presence.  The notes of grapefruit, lemon, and pine are balanced by a caramel sweetness that finishes dry and slightly bitter.

Experimental IPA #2, 7.2% 48 IBU

NEIPA with Vic Secret and Mosaic hops. Soft body with juicy notes of pineapple, OJ, passionfruit, peach & pine.

Boone Dog Brown Ale, 4% 27 IBU

The use of oats, brown, and chocolate malts contribute to the deep brown color and nutty flavor of this ale. Like most English style beers, it is lower in alcohol and finishes with a slight malty sweetness, which just might make it your new best friend

Blue Heron Organic Apple Cider, 7.9% No IBU

Dry Cider with crisp, tart apple notes and a hint of spiciness. Made from apples from the only organic Orchard in Missouri, Blue Heron Orchard.

Double Rye IPA, 9.8% 111 IBU

The double in this beer not only stands for the two mashes that make it twice as strong, but also for the two rounds of dry hopping it goes through. The addition of rye malt and flaked rye provide a subtle spiciness that melds well with the strong citrusy hop presence. It all results in a sturdy, ruby colored IPA that is not easily forgotten.

Kölsch, 5.6% 30 IBU

Even though the straw color and conservative use of hops may make this beer seem like a lager it is actually an ale. Colder fermentation temperatures and conditioning lend to a clean body creating a crisp, refreshing finish perfect for warmer weather.

11 Point IPA, 5.6% 68 IBU

Named after one of Missouri’s most scenic rivers, this deep amber ale proves to be a refreshing new brew to our line-up. This easy drinking IPA’s caramel notes resonate well with the piney and floral hop aroma, smelling much like the pine trees and wildflowers you may find along the Eleven Point River.

Honey Wheat, 5.5% 20I BU

Brewed with 36 pounds of local honey from Bonne Femme Honey Farm, this unfiltered ale is our first all organic offering. Subtle notes of herbs can be detected in the aroma of this beer due to the bees’ pollination of nearby herb gardens.

Porter, 5.7% 41 IBU

The quintessential beer of the British working-class, this dark, smoky-sweet ale incorporates Pale Malt Two Row, Munich and Black Patent malts. At 5.7% ABV don’t hesitate to order a second Pint!

Cream Ale, 5.6% 22 IBU

This creamy, semi-sweet golden ale is a local favorite. Well-balanced and smooth with a medium malt body and a slight hop finish, it’s the perfect ale for any occasion.

Shortwave Stout (Papua New Guinea)

4.9% 42 IBU

This brew is a collaboration with our friends and neighbors at Shortwave Coffee.  The body of this beer is built using a specific mix of dark roasted malts to create a very black, yet mild body complemented by slight floral hop notes.  After fermentation, 10 pounds of Shortwave’s Papua New Guinea roast and a couple of gallons of concentrated cold brewed toddy are added, putting the true flavor of a perfectly roasted coffee bean in the spotlight.



Monday /  4PM – 1:30AM

Tuesday-Saturday  /  11AM – 1:30AM

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Shortwave Stout